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P is for a Parent's Prayer

My gratitude for prayer is so great, My family is good that I have faith The years are gone when my teens were astray Praise, the Lord my God, He wiped my tears away
His grace is great, now I have other things in mind (Not just wishing) that is all I do, While waiting for the moment To reach the dreams that I can do
I have always like to learn more, either through reading or taking classes or lessons. My children's lives and activities got so hectic in the past that I did not have the sanity or the time. Things are better now for many months I actually can give time for myself. I even signed up for a gym membership and actually go every day. I plan to read more books. Maybe, I can devote some time studying for work. 
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April Thankfuls

My love for my family is so great,
My heart melts for them as we ate
I worry when my teens are away
Wondering if they've gone astray

Togetherness for me feels so great,
I do hope my children see
Although eating is what seems all we do
I wait for these moments, I sure do
*** We had a good Easter. We went to church. Even my son went, my 18-year old. Then we had a potluck with my Filipino-American group. My teens helped hide or scatter the Easter eggs for the little ones. They were so fun to watch.
*** My daughter made some Easter fruit bouquet. They are as delicious and refreshing as they look. She also made cookies for our neighbors who are relocating, nicely foil wrapped disguised as fish. She baked and paid for the cookies. How sweet she is.
*** At work, I found time to pray and meditate a bit when I left the unit early (as we were overstaffed). I volunteered to leave because it was "4/20" in Denver. That is when marijuana fanatics have big parties in downtown. I went to spend …

It's Almost Easter

Six years ago, my Facebook showed My children posed with their beaks exposed We were at the park on a sunny day Back then like the parks and play
That was years ago It is different now  They seldom go with me somehow  I'm getting old but I still should move Not to play in the park but to the gym, I could . . .
Alone I go, as my teens are slow Not slow in general, but in the morning? Oh no,
They can't get up as their limbs are tied To the bed, they are, but not at night
I miss my kids when they were young Back then they followed, danced with me, and sung How I cope is just to remember the old And walk with a book with encouraging words
I borrowed this book Operation Happiness It is full of tips, just sweetness no nastiness I do this as I can't watch or read the news Without reading something that gives a boost
Last weekend we went to an auto show I didn't buy anything as I've got  no dough But for fun, we posed with some nice cars Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi, and Jagua…

Nurturing My Teens

What have I done lately? Not blogging much, I admit. I did spend some time talking to my children. Nurturing them is not always an easy task, but I tried to show my love and support in small ways.

It's Better to Kiss

I admit I have been postponing to write about a K-word because the word that keeps popping out of my head is the word kill, LOL. I wonder why? Kill is such a strong word and so negative. I've got to write something positive, right?

Picture This x 10

The week is not complete without good food and the company of my loved ones. So this week's gratitude is full of time with my children, my pets, and my soul mate Paul.


A little depressed, nothing to do I turned to my side to the radio at the bedside I picked a station That gives me joy  The one that plays Jazz and  jingles that I enjoy
Soon, I'm not upset I am not even mad Instead, I'm glad and jumping  Happy, just like that (or at least, I got up from the bed)