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Bookstore, Bible, Boring Week

These are the reading
plans I plan to do.
The Just1Bible App
The NABRE bible is
what I use.
Hello, hello it's Thursday. I'm already a day late for ABC Wednesday.The letter for this week is the letter B. I choose to write about the Bible.

I went to a Barnes and Noble Bookstore last week. I had an argument with my daughter and I decided to stop by the bookstore to get my mind off the issue.

I'm not exactly a nerd, not really. But bookstores are so amazing for me, I feel like a child in a toy store.  I could spend hours in there just checking what they have.

One section I checked was the Bible section. I really like the Catholic Bible, specifically the New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE). The wordings are in American English and it is so easy for me to understand. I thought of buying one, but the cheap me decided not to. I already have a Catholic Bible Digest at home, the St. Joseph edition.

Yesterday, I just downloaded an app, the Just1app Bible and one of the Bibles available thru it is,  guess what, The new American Bible revised edition! It is not a free app. It is $1.99.

I purchased it because being on my phone it is so portable. I can read a Bible when I'm standing in line in the bank or the grocery store. It is so handy. Today, actually, while I was getting ready for to walk my dog, (by the way I am walking right now with my pooches while doing this post via dictation), I was listening to the Bible through Siri.

I won't bore you anymore with the Bible. I went look up this church, The Red Rocks Church,  in my neighborhood and it's been there less than a year. Every Sunday, I noticed the area so busy. The church goers generate a lot of traffic and their parking lot was always packed. They have people directing the traffic.

I've checked their website and their service team seems so interesting. On what we would be the altar in the Catholic Church is a stage for them. It is like a stage for a concert with special  lighting, music, drum set, and guitars. There are even some lead singers and backup singers. In addition, the sermon is so alive, not boring.

Check out this music video by Red Rocks Worship.
Simply amazing.

I am considering checking out this church in person. For years I have been thinking about changing religion, actually. The sermon in the Catholic church that I go to is so boring. Forgive me, but a lot of times I find myself almost dozing off to sleep. I leave the church on several occasions wondering what I learned from the sermon if any.

It's not right because I don't want to merely go to church for the sake of going simply because it's my duty as a Catholic. I want to get something out of it, specifically, from the sermon. I even went to check out another Catholic church close by, but it's not so much different. I admit it was a little better because
at least I could understand what the American priest was saying but the sermon still went on and on without a clear point.

Meanwhile, the other Catholic church's priest has a very thick African accent that I do not understand him. I wonder how the other churchgoers understand him because all of a sudden several people are laughing at his joke. I don't get any of the jokes, let alone decipher his words. I do not understand him at all. I feel so left out. My teens feel the same when they attend with me.

Anyway, that is it for now. It is a boring post. I am sorry.

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  1. You're sorry for a boring post???
    I think its a wonderful post!!!
    I never knew that there were bible-apps, so thanks to you I know now and I've just installed one on my phone too, so thank you very much

    Have a nice ABC-W-day / - week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (team abc-w)

    1. I'm glad you got a Bible app. I hope you enjoy it too.

  2. I love you "B" post! I have a Bible app on my phone. It comes in handy, and I love getting a "Verse of the day".

    1. Oh, I've just signed up today for the Verse of the Day too.

  3. I relate to your search for the right church. I went through that in 1982. It took six months, visiting over a dozen congregations.


  4. We did go to Rec Rocks Church yesterday and love it!

  5. Your post was not boring at all. It's important to find a church that presents the message in a way that you can get.

    1. Thanks. My mom does not know it yet that I went to a non-Catholic church. I am 45 and I'm worried what she would say.


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