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June Wedding Thankfuls after Domain Hacking

June wedding, family reunion, Ttot

(I'm the one in cream dress.)

I am thankful for:

  1. The time I get to see my mother.
  2. The chance to see my cousin's wedding.
  3. A nice slow dance with Paul. Look at my big smile!
  4. The delicious wedding cake.
  5. The chance to see my busy, hard-working sister.
  6. Picture taking from above.
  7. Cell phone camera that kept my daughter and I entertained.
  8. Learning to BBQ the simple, delicious way.
  9. Procrastination book to help fight my bad habits.
  10. This group that motivates me to think of good things.
June wedding of my cousin, like a family reunion I spent with my mom I did not see for so long She wore a red dress, she's so cute I'm impressed She is seventy-four, some people can't guess Then there is my cousin who used to be little Saying vows with his lady, they looked great together They were together since high school and maintained their relationship Now successful after college and moving up to their marriage And of course, Paul and I had to share the sweet night By stealing a corner in the dance floor that's tight We danced a slow dance and took a selfie as well We were having a good time that night, can't you tell? Of course, any party can't be complete without cake It is something I look forward to and willing to wait My sweet tooth got satisfied as I ate a whole plate
Join the thankful group with Lizzi at TToT.
And then we had snack after the cake I just ate My sister in purple I had not seen for three years She works two jobs as a nurse, I am glad she made it This wedding is like others we did not want to miss It's a happy occasion from the march to the kiss My daughter and I took some shots from above We took several shots not just two but a lot It's a boredom breaker and entertaining too And then we could post just like here to show you Back at home we had bbq, not a breeze but just great I did the charcoal kind, not the easy gas thing I used charcoal and paper with the starter, no fluid After one hour and ten minutes we had bbq in our plates I have to mention this book that I took on the flight That kept me occupied as I sat with a light It's a book on procrastination which is a habit I fight I have not finished the book but maybe tomorrow night :)


Why I Did not Blog For a While

I didn't know it would happened to me but my domain account with 1&1 got hacked. Somebody ordered domains and platform under my name, changed my e-mail that is associated with my account so I could not even access it. Next thing I know I got a bill from the mail for late payment.

I tried to contact them by email and gave them my phone number. They called a couple of times while I worked in the hospital and missed their calls. Next thing I know, a collection agency is calling me and they blocked the only domain I opened with them in 2014, the 36 Hour Work Week.

I have not resolved the issue yet as their security team has short hours. But I have not blogged a long time so I decided to start a new one. I got the domain from Google and I am hoping nobody would hack into this and rack up some bills I don't know about. So here, I am guys, welcome to my new blog. It is the old me, Carin, with a different blog name and domain.


  1. I'm sorry you got hacked, but I'm glad you're back.

    Sounds like it was a whirlwind trip to California for the wedding. I'm glad you got to visit with family.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. The trip was so quick but I cherish the moment I get to share with my blood relatives.

  3. Welcome back! The hacking and aftermath sounds like a real headache.

    Love the photos from the wedding. Such beautiful and ageless women in your family!

    1. Thanks. I love going to the wedding especially a relative's. Everybody just look handsome and beautiful.

  4. the post is great, the hacking is awful. I can't imagine how bad it must feel, our blogs quickly become a extension of our (virtual)selves.
    This new one looks good, though

    1. That is true. I felt violated and incomplete without my blog.

  5. I was wondering about the name change! Welcome back! My sisters twitter account got hacked the same way. Miserable!!! You,your mom, and sister look lovely together!

    1. I don't understand these hackers.

  6. Ohhh but hackers are such a PAIN! Glad you found a work-around. You look lovely in those pics of the wedding. In fact the pics ALL look lovely. It made me smile because I was going to compliment you on your enormous, brightshiny smile, and then you mentioned it in your 3rd thankful :)

  7. Yeah, I did not know I smiled that big. A true picture of happiness.

  8. Yikes! So sorry that you were hacked. What a pain!
    On the bright side, what a great occasion to gather together with family! Congrats to the happy couple.

  9. How crappy to get hacked!

    Nice that you had a celebration with friends and family though.

    1. Yes, I am still not over with the hacking thing.

  10. Hacking - ugh! The worst! Glad the wedding trip was good, even if quick.

  11. Weddings are always wonderful occasions.
    Dancing, family, and delicious cake.


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