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Bigger Fish to Fry

Art Challenge, water color, stress reliever
The Bird and the Fish

Hey, the link is still open!

I am virtually running to submit my artwork here (if you can call it artwork) before the door closes. It is the third of the month and I am linking my first entry.

I am sort of cheating here as these are my experimental watercolor pencil I did about a couple of months ago. The picture taking was just done today, though, and the editing and stuff.

The coloring book is from Color Me Your Way, Animals A-Z. No, it's not from the kid's section. It is an adult coloring book. OK, it says, for ages 8 to adult. I use it from time to time as a stress reliever. 

I am no artist and am not fishing for compliments here. And although I have bigger fish to fry, this kind of activity virtually puts money on my piggy bank reserve that I can withdraw from in times of stress.

It has been a while since I depleted my reserves. Last month and this month, I am doing a few things to reenergize to rebuild my resiliency. If I can't get escape from the challenges the follow me, I can at least prepare myself for them.

So, this is me, the green angel fish with my friends and family--facing them, being with them, and trying to stay pretty, haha. And as if I don't have enough challenges in my life, here I am with this artistic group joining the Art Challenge this month of June. Unlike other challenges around me, though, this is a fun one. Ivy, did I just answer the question/topic of the first day, who are you?

art challenge, stress reliever art
Come and join us!


  1. Art is a great tool for resiliency!those are so beautiful! All the color!

  2. Art is a great tool for resiliency!those are so beautiful! All the color!

  3. Art is a great tool for resiliency!those are so beautiful! All the color!and each link is open all month so link any time you want.

  4. Art is a great tool for resiliency!those are so beautiful! All the color!and each link is open all month so link any time you want.


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