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I just came from a whole day of tribute to a dear friend's husband. 

I started the day with breakfast with friends and her small family. I brought pan-de-sal which is Filipino rolls I bought from Valentine party last Saturday. The breakfast get together are attended with mostly Filipinos, so it was a nice touch to our early day. It is today, as well, that I learned that a friend of mine just got diagnosed with breast cancer. She is younger than me. She is tearful. I spent a long time talking to her. I hope my words of hope get into her. She will be okay. Like me, I hope she goes over the five-year remission from cancer and can announce, later, that she is a survivor.

I try not to make this a sad post, so I focus on the bright moments of my week.

Here I go.

1. I am thankful for my Yonana. I can make a real frozen dessert that is ultra healthy. A healthy diet helps with cancer prevention (or reoccurrence).

2. I am thankful for the company of Paul's border collie. I watch him while Paul's out of state. Wally felt that I am upset and is now curled on my feet as I type.

3. I am thankful for my hard cover planner I made from scratch. I like Google Calendar too. But I may be one of those weird ones that need both.

4. I am thankful for Velvet, my brown dog. She likes to stare at me so close she makes me laugh. She has no sense of personal space at all. LOL

5. I am thankful for Teavana's cold tea. It is something my daughter and I enjoy. Of course, my teen daughter's gotta have extras on hers, kinda like tea shake.

6. I am thankful for my daughter allowing me to take her to the world of massage. She had her first massage and love it. 

7. I thank Paul for the flowers, stuffed bear, balloon, and a box of chocolates, all personally delivered to my door.

8. I thank my co-worker for bringing Valentine goodies for everybody. Look, I even recieved a card.

9. I thank my daughter for painting me the lovely picture of bird mom and bird child on a canvas. She loves me.

10. I thank the beauty of flowers for brightening the funeral reception room. I took one home.

Another thing I picked up from the service is, enjoy your time on earth with your loved ones. Invest in helping others. If you're working, take time for relaxing vacation. This life is too short to waste.
Ten Things of Thankful
Join us.


  1. What a wonderful list of thankful's Cain! You showed how even we have sad things happening there are also good things to be thankful for mixed in. God is clearly using you as a blessing to reach out and help others who are going through what you did, that is such a good thing, and such a blessing to them! I love that the furkids are there to comfort and love you. My cats have to be in my face, and right in front of my feet when I try to walk, most of the time. It is nice they want to stay close! You also received extra Valentine love from Paul and your daughter with the lovely drawing! I like that you were able to share a mother - daughter massage time. The lesson you have at the end of your post is very important, I wish we could teach this to everyone. Life is short, love the people you share it with, and make time for what is most important! Thank you for taking time to share all your good with us, it was uplifting!

  2. Oh lovely, Carin, I misspelled your name when I typed the comment, but you know I was meaning it for you! I wish there was a way to go back and correct our posts! :-)

    1. Oh, that is OK. There is no edit option on my comment sections, I realize.
      Thanks for the visit and thanks for continuing Ttot.

  3. Totally identified with Number 2 "Wally felt that I am upset and is now curled on my feet as I type." as I always say, with the slightest of provocation, 'dogs are perfect lifeforms.'
    Glad you could share your list of Ten this week.

  4. #9. It's such a blessing when our children give us gifts they've made from the heart.

  5. Whenever our dog used to stare at us that close, it was usually because he wanted something to eat, or he wanted to go outside. Animals have such a way with communication. Some people don't like to go to funerals and memorial services, but I find most of them to be very good reminders of the important things in life that bring us all together. I leave feeling more committed to living a better life and being grateful for having known the person.

    1. I agree. I still don't like looking close so I sat all the way back away from the open casket.

  6. Hi, Carina. Your list is very happy and filled with love. I'm so glad that you could offer some solace to your friend who is going through the difficult breast cancer diagnosis. Being a calming inspiration, I'm sure, helped her.

    1. It was not easy. I wanted to cry for her as I know what she's going thru.

  7. The comfort of good friends can be a very powerful thing. Glad you could be there for yours.
    Love tea of any kind and I've been to Teavana. My only complaint is their prices - seriously????
    I also use a paper planner and I actually prefer it to anything digital. The only time I use my Google calendar is for reminders that I want to pop up on my screen right in front of me. :D

    1. I paid $12 for tea for two. Yes they are not cheap. :(

  8. Lovely post. Even in sad times there are blessings. Glad you there to comfort your friends.

    1. Yes. I find it easier and easier looking for things I can be thankful for even in hard times. They are plenty.

  9. Hey, my dog also has no respect for anyone else's personal space.

    1. It's their way of saying they love us, I think. :)

  10. A good reminder about what is truly important in life.

    1. Yes. I've only been to funeral a few times but this last one was very nice.


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