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I'd Like To Thank

Ttot picture of the week, thanks for

Well, it's the awards night tonight. So, I'd like to thank a few people and things that supported me through my shopping, eating, and studying habits.

My daughter is doing so well in general--school, behavior, and obeying rules, so I took her out for Japanese food. We both love sushi and sashimi, so that's the only kind of restaurant to go. I thank Groupon coupon for the $8 discount. It, at least, covered the tip plus more.

I am thankful for EdCor for keeping their business of real instruction for basic life support and advanced life support recertification. Because of it, I did not have to do the 12-hour online course provided at work and then do half an hour hands-on with a stiff mannequin. It's the one that tells me if I'm doing it wrong over and over and over again although I feel I'm doing it right, the chest compressions, you know. I like a real instructor giving me feedback, not a computer.  What more, EdCor gave me a donut and tea to help keep me awake and fed. :)

A patient and his family brought homemade cookie treats with a note mentioning my name and three other nurses' name. How thoughtful.

Costco offers $6 half ham sale. I had to get some.

I got a new scale, the one that measures body fat from Bed Bath and Beyond. Thanks for the 20% coupon to save me a bit.

As much as I like e-books like Kindle books (well, it can read to me), I still love hardbound or paper books. It is one of the good deals that came with the real-live class for recertification instead of online. I got two real books with it.

Lastly, I thank Paul for taking the time to take me to out favorite breakfast place before my 8:15 a.m. class. Needless to say, we had to be at the restaurant early to make it to my class. See the pictures with the sun in the background. That is our favorite place.

I did not get any awards to go with the Oscar's. However, I am proud of myself for keeping my cool even if family therapy with my son did not go very well this afternoon. I did not get mad or super upset. For that, I am also thankful.
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  1. And the Oscar goes to - - - - Carin, for her week full of good things for which she is grateful. I'm thankful for discounts, too. :)

  2. Oh Carin, I loved your clever approach to this weeks TToT! It started my morning off with a smile. :-) You did indeed come up with some great awards to hand out for your week! I love that you treated your daughter for doing well, that's great motivation. I also love that you were able to keep your cool during the therapy session with your son, it's a difficult process and hard on parents too! You scored some great sales, a wonderful breakfast with Paul, and a training class that worked for you! I used to hate those stiff dummies for CPR training at one place I worked. You are really good at noting the things in your life to be thankful for, I wish you another blessed week coming up! Thank you for sharing with us at TToT! XOXO

  3. like the list as well... to bring together so many aspects of daily life into a grat list and still make it relatable! very cool!
    funny, I mentioned my kindle on another TToT post comment. Said that as much as I still enjoy 'real' books, the ability to browse titles (and, especially) to read samples is quite nice
    have a good week

  4. I love your list this week. Happy to hear about your daughter's successes. I know what that kind of victory feels like so hooray! And celebrating together in a special way is terrific. And your keeping cool even when things didn't go well - that's a huge thing. I wish all of you continued success and growth. I'm glad that patient's family thought of you and the other nurses. I remember how wonderful the nurses were for the week we were in hospital after our daughter's birth. They were priceless in helping my recovery along. Thank you for the work you do.


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