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Little Miracles

Ttot, Ten Things of Thankful, little miracles quote
Miracles surround us.
1. Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. Notice them.
I was reminded of this quote last night as I watched Netflix series with my daughter, A series of Unfortunate Events, where three children got put in the custody of their undesirable uncle after the death of their wealthy parents in a fire.

"At least we have a home."

But it is one of those scary looking witch-house, dark, messy, and dirty inside. The siblings shared a small bed in the attic, and they have to do a very long list of chores in this house daily.

Well, they have a helpful neighbor that takes them to a store and lets them borrow the home library. (The older siblings love books). Anyway, the show is based on fiction books of the same title. It is unreal, and a lot of times, ridiculous.

It is still synonymous with real life. Sometimes change can be so drastically absurd. But each day we live, tiny miracles are happening. We just have to notice them.

Read, for example, my tiny miracles that follow.

2. I am thankful for, yet another, early breakfast in my favorite café. It was early enough; the two booths were still available. This morning we were the first ones in the restaurant. It was 6:50 a.m.

3. I am thankful for finding this ceramic fountain at the pet supplies store. I had been wanting an indoor fountain for its sound but was worried that my dogs would drink unsafe water from it, you know, with stones and all. This one is made for them, with filter and a good pump, and we all got to enjoy the relaxing sound of water flow.

4. I am thankful for my church, RedRocks. They make the service attractive each week. My daughter looks forward to it, and that may be rare for a teen. Now,  I wish I can convince my 18-year old to come more often. For now, I can't even entice him with free donuts in the church, and he likes donuts.

5. I am thankful for Johnson&Johnson for donating a dollar to send a student to nursing school after I posted Velvet's picture. Every dollar helps.

6. I am thankful for Paul for waking me up to start our Saturday early, especially for eggs Benedict.
7. I am grateful for this red flower (and pink, and white) that are leftovers from two weeks ago. They are still looking fresh (well, kind of).

8. I am thankful for FitStar exercise app. It sends me a different set of steps each time, so I can't get bored (just physically tired).

9. I am thankful for my Fitbit group for inviting me to steps-competition. Who can make the most number of steps this week or weekend? They encourage me to get my lazy self up to walk. My dogs thank it too.

10. Lastly, I thank the Prime Channels from Audible for having many choices on what news podcast I want to hear as I do chores at home. It's one of the few multi-tasking I can do that is not bad and actually, help me do those unwanted chores like cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen.
See? I have many things to be thankful. 

I can keep writing, but I have those chores actually to do. :)


  1. Hi Carin! Thank you so much for linking up at our new TToT blog with your wonderful gratitude list! I see that you are an RN, my daughter is too, and has been working night shift for over twenty years now. I know how stressful and exhausting it can be, but also very rewarding! You have a wonderful family, and I smiled at your descriptions. I remember that raising teens can be challenging!! :-) I love that you get to go out to share a special breakfast on Saturdays, something to start the weekend off right. Your exercise/walking regime is excellent, good for you - and yay for being a cancer survior too!! Fountains are so peaceful to listen to and wonderful for our furkids as the water is continually filtered. Thank you for sharing all these blessings great and small, I am following your blog now, and hope we'll see you at TToT again next week! :-)

    1. Night shift has its challenges. I did it for many years, and I feel like I did my time :). I respect the nurses who do it. Good for your daughter.

      Raising teens is very challenging and I maybe on a slow downhill path from the peak of the extreme challenge. There are little pebbles on the way, but the road is not too rocky right now. *sigh* I am one of those moms repeating to myself, "I love my kids . . . "

      I love my indoor fountain. My miniature poodle learned to drink from it on the second day. He is not scared of it anymore. If he could drink from the bathtub faucet, he could drink from the fountain. Velvet, my bigger dog, has always loved it from the beginning.

      Thanks for following!

  2. Hi Carin. I have a FitBit which helps me get my 10000 steps each day. I will check out that app

    1. If you do, please add me as your FitBit friend. My addy: 71carina @ g mail . com without spaces.

  3. FitStar sounds like it would be interesting to try, i tend to get bored with exercise, too. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. I like it enough I paid for premium for a year.

  4. What an attractive, dog-safe fountain!

    1. Like I said, I love my indoor fountain. My miniature poodle learned to drink from it on the second day. He is not scared of it anymore. If he could drink from the bathtub faucet, he could drink from the fountain. Velvet, my bigger dog, has always loved it from the beginning.
      It is a nice,, clean, white color too.

  5. I find it hard to stay motivated to exercise but I am working at it. Eating I have no problem with motivation.

    1. Motivation to eat was never a problem for me too. :)

  6. My parrots used to like to bath in our fountain!!!

  7. hey Carin nice use of photos and (traditional) numbered list of 10... very cool (good looking doggie!)

  8. I love that quotation! It is so true. I've never even thought of looking for a fountain at a pet store. It is very pretty.

  9. I did not either but I found one I like made of ceramic there.


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