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Imperfect Life

My life is not perfect. Whose life is? So instead of getting stuck on the negative, I focus on my wins. Gratitude makes me feel good.
Somebody says I am too underpaid to have so much responsibility as a nurse in the intensive care unit (ICU). Maybe so, but it pays my bills. I have a home, a fridge with food I like, clothes to wear, etcetera. My work is rewarding. I even get my steps of 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day for health. I am thankful for my job in the ICU.
My 18-year old son got a ticket for a minor violation similar to previous *sigh*. I hope he learned his lesson this time. This ticket, like the other, I am not paying. He has a part-time job in the pizza parlor. He can and should pay for this. After scolding him, I asked if he is mad. He is not mad, he said. Then he followed with, "Can you order me a . . . speaker from Amazon?" It is $100. "Sure, if you pay me first." Deal. We are friends.
I am thankful for silly Paul for making me laugh. Lately, he makes faces every time I asked him to stop eating to pose for pictures.
He took me to our favorite breakfast place for eggs benedict (with bacon, country potato fries, English muffins, onions, and mushrooms, loaded with cheesy topping). Yum.
I am thankful of Vietnam Vets Association for taking my clothes I don't wear anymore. The clothes were just cluttering my closet. VVA is great about leaving me a donation receipt for tax benefit.
I am grateful for my son's win in basketball. For this, I cheered for him. He makes a valuable player for the team. They won this week compared to last week when he was on timeout and not eligible to play. His team lost.
I am thankful for a new dryer. I was checking the back of one dryer on display with the steam dryer on it. I decided not to get that one as it requires a water attachment, something extra that has a potential of breaking. I am happy enough with a simple Whirlpool dryer on sale with wrinkle guard. I am also glad that I don't have to have the unsightly rack out each and every day any longer.
My daughter asked to go to my dinner date with Paul. We took her, and she had fun. We had a boat full of yummies--sushi and sashimi. I am also thankful for another Groupon coupon, and we saved $14. The Japanese meal is expensive enough.
I am thankful for not-so-rushed mornings on some days. I had time to cuddle with . . . Paul's dog, Wally, the spoiled Border Collie. He is the only dog in the house that is allowed, on a regular basis, to sleep on my bed. He does not mind the scratching of the belly, of course.
I am not sure if I mentioned ten things I am thankful for, but I pinned ten pictures above so I am completing this post.
If you have not started writing about your gratitude this week, I hope you will. Join us in Ttot.

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  1. Happy weekend, Carin! I love that you and Paul make time for each other and to share good meals out, that's relaxing! Speaking of relaxing, Wally looks like he is totally enjoying that belly rub! You are great mom, teaching your son to be responsible for his actions and choices, and to pay for extra things he wants. My daughter learned this too, and became a more careful driver, and to shop for things on sale! You will love having a new dryer that works well, I agree about not adding more things that can go wrong. All you want is nice dry clothes! :-) Nurses do work very hard for what they earn, most people have no idea how complicated their jobs are compared to what they were 30 years ago! Good nurses are invaluable, especially when we are the one who is in the hospital for care! Ihank you for sharing with us for TToT, you have an awesome attitude about being thankful for your life! Blessings to you in the week ahead!

  2. I love seeing your pictures and reading your thankfuls. It sounds like your son is learning lessons of life and independence and responsibility well. That is a reflection on your parenting. You took daughter to dinner with you and then she could take that nice photo of you and Paul. See you next week.

  3. (I'm with Val on) the photo/text TToT. Writing is good, but having actual photos, to see (some of) the people in the 'story' is very excellent.
    And, as I say at the slightest provocation, 'dogs are perfect lifeforms.'

  4. What a great life and the lovely photos bring it more to life. My dog likes to have her tummy rubbed too :)

  5. Carin, you always have some fun presentation wether its visual or verse...either way sounds like things are going well... Gotta love being friends with your kids... That's a challenge for every parent, a real balancing act!

  6. Carin, you always have some fun presentation wether its visual or verse...either way sounds like things are going well... Gotta love being friends with your kids... That's a challenge for every parent, a real balancing act!

  7. Gratitude does change moods, doesn't it? Sounds like you have much for which to be thankful!

  8. I love it when I clean out my closet and there are nice things I can donate that either don't fit anymore or I am just tired of them. Sounds like you and your son get along fine. Doing your job as a mother quite well. Love the picture of Wally. My cat, Teddy, loves belly rubs!

  9. Oh boy...sushi, Eggs Benedict, dinner with a special someone...all excellent things that I also love. I love hearing how your kids are growing and becoming people you can be friends with. My mom is absolutely my best friend and it just adds a whole new level to our relationship.
    Have a great week!


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