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Birthday Week

Oh my, I turned 46 this week. There are many things I am thankful for, and here's a few.

  1. A birthday week is not complete without a cake, even if I had to buy it for myself, LOL. I received many gifts I did not ask for so I cannot complain. I am thankful for easy ready-made delicious Oreo ice cream cake I bought last night to share with my dear daughter after a busy day from work in the hospital.
  2. I have a new bunch of roses to brighten my dining room this week. Thanks to Paul. They replaced the flowers he gave me last Valentine's day. I asked, "so next month, what will you get me?" He just grinned.
  3. I love balloons. My daughter got me a square balloon for my day. 
  4. She gave me a bag of gifts too, some random things we both like--scented soaps from Lush, scented candles, white chocolate, and donuts. Of course, she can't resist and had to open the bag of little donuts and take a few to taste. Oh, my 17-year old.
  5. On my birthday night, we went for a quick dinner for authentic Mexican food--tacos and Horchata. They hit the spot.
  6. I am trying this clothes rental from Le Tote. I received my three items so far including this purple shirt. It gives me ideas to wear and the choice to return or purchase anytime. So far, so good. The shirt and skirt that I receive were comfy and of high quality. 
  7. My daughter made me laugh by boldly writing in the card that I am 46. She does not know yet that as I age, the big number is not something I want to boast about. :)
  8. I enjoyed the tasty lunch with Paul on my birthday. We had Japanese food, one of my favorites.
  9. But the greatest gift of all (sorry, Paul) is the award my daughter get for earning the highest score in online class compared to all the students in her school that day.
  10. In general, the time with my loved ones this week was great. I am blessed to have a family that loves me.
Join us!


  1. Happy Birthday Week to you! I will gladly trade my candles for your 46! Forties are good years I think, it's when you reach the point of being comfortable with yourself and life, and it sounds like you really had fun doing lots of celebrating! Paul is such a sweetie to do flowers and dinner and I loved that your daughter took the time to put together a birthday gift bag. Her high score in class was just like frosting on the cake, and you do indeed have much to be grateful for this week. I love the photo collage you share with us, illustrated blessings, and a fun way for you to look back and remember too! Have a wonderful week ahead, Carin, and thank you for joining us at TToT!

    1. I am having a wonderful week this week. Ttot is a big part of it. Thanks you!

  2. Happy Birthday, Carin. I love when the celebrations last a whole week. You have enjoyed the things with the most important people in your life and that is good. Party on! I'm going to look up LeTote.

  3. Wishing you many happy returns of the day!

  4. HB CD!*
    (I like those mylar balloons, all sorts of shapes and they last, like forever, very fun gift)
    very enjoyable TToT list!

    *I've used that abbreviation ever since I started on the Facebook

    1. I've learned a lot of acronyms and abbreviations too since FB :)

  5. Happy Birthday!!!

    The balloons and flowers sound lovely. Love also a gift bag of randoms. Decadent. And sounds like you traveled around with your dining out choices this week. Mexico and Japan. Not bad.

    All the best for the year ahead.

  6. Sounds like a pretty terrific birthday week. Wishing you many more of just this same caliber!

  7. Happy birthday day and week! May your year ahead be one of happiness and blessing!

  8. Happy belated birthday! That Oreo icecream cake looks awesome!

  9. Just dropping by because I miss you at TToT! Hoping all is going ok in your life and that we'll hear from you soon. Blessings to you always! XOXO


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