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The week is not complete without good food and the company of my loved ones. So this week's gratitude is full of time with my children, my pets, and my soul mate Paul.

This morning, we had a Filipino breakfast to support the youth group of our Filipino American Community. My teens choose to not participate in any activities yet but eating, they would, so we went. 

Last night, I ordered a take out from out favorite Pho soup place. We were craving for hot soup full of meat and fresh veggies so the take out hit the spot. Then, later, I found out the same restaurant was chosen as among the best Thai Food in Denver. Not bad. With $16, I fed three hungry mouths with great food. 

We don't always spend to eat yummy food. We had some freebies from Coldstone one night on an ice cream day. It is never too cold to have some free ice cream!

I received an award for stepping the most steps with our Fitbit amongst ten of my friends. Hurray. One day, I donated some of my steps to a charity. With many other donators, we donated over $170,000 to feed the hungry in Feeding America so far.

At home, my dogs kept me company and entertained while doing yoga LOL. They are so cute.

Look at me do one of my very few balancing act, headstand. Thank God for good strength, I can do this.

And this wraps up my ten pictures of gratitude this week, folks. 

Have a good weekend.
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  1. Pho and Coldstone--sounds yummy! Good job on your Fitbit challenge. :-)

    1. Thanks. I do whatever that keeps me motivated.

  2. What a great collection of thankful from a positive week, Carin! I love that you found great food to enjoy at a good price, and free icecream is even better! You shared activities with your family and even with your dogs, and you donated your steps for charity. Wow, way to go Carin! The headstand was the best part, it made me smile. :-) You are obviously in very good condition! I wish you another great week coming up, your contentment with life is contagious!

  3. You have been very busy and active. I should do that too, but I don't like yoga and gymnastics. Thanks for your comment!

    1. I used to not like the idea of yoga until I tried it a few times.

  4. A headstand - I am impressed. Although I do some gentle yoga, I have not mastered even the crow pose. I wear a Fitbit every day and I am interested in the donation of steps. I'd love for you to fill me in on that. My email is I used to live in Brooks Towers in downtown Denver back in the early eighties. The city was growing at that time and there was lots to watch from the 33rd floor. Have a good week.

  5. dogs are total naturals when it comes to yoga lol (no, really! when I get home for lunch, I always sit with Una on the couch for a minute, then we get up and get lunch. she always stretches, immediately upon getting off the couch (where she spends a good part of her morning). If I could stretch one tenth as well as she, I'd be in far better shape... a true power of example.)

  6. Food brings all people together.


    1. Yup and when Filipino's comes together, 99% of the time food is involved. :)

  7. I'm glad I just had something to eat a bit ago, or I would be wanting to to eat! I have never had Pho soup. Is it very spicy? I'll have to see if I can learn more about donating fitbit steps to Feeding America. Even in my youth, I could only do a very wobbling headstand. It didn't last long. Kudos to you!

    1. Pho is generally not spicy but it is expected you use the 2 sauce that comes with it. One of it Siracha. I don't even touch it!

  8. Wow, well done on the headstand!! My fur babies are good company too and always give me reason to smile :)

  9. I'm not a big fan of ice cream, but every now and then I do like Coldstone. Yum.
    Donating steps to charity with Fitbit...I did not know this was a thing. I should find out about that. Although, I doubt my tiny amounts would help much! :D


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