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Save a Heart

Another week has passed and it's another opportunity to look back on how lucky I am to receive many blessings.

My MyIntent bracelets came, finally. My daughter has Lil Soldier etched in her pendant to remind her to be strong. I have to bracelets. One says, Help Them, and the other, Be the Example. I use these reminders for work and family. With my teens, it gets tiring to say do this do that. At times, I feel, they purposely do the opposite. So I push myself to be the example. I hope it works, soon!

A family member of a patient brought us, staff, a fruit bouquet. It is as delicious as it looks. This bouquet I don't buy for myself. It is expensive. The best parts are the chocolate covered ones. Guess what I had?

I bought a Hurricane electric scrubber. The ad lied saying, "Does the hard work for you." I powered it and it did not do the chores by itself. :) I still have to put some work in. I must admit it makes scrubbing the floor and tiles easier. It is $40 well spent in Bed Bath. With the coupon, it was even better.

My breakfast partner, Paul, ditched me because of his son's basketball games. So, I took my daughter instead. She got up late that the restaurant did not serve breakfast burrito anymore so we had lunch burrito instead. What is the difference? We did not have potatoes, bacon, and eggs in it. And it is ten dollars each instead of two. Daughter surprised me by paying the tab.

A nice lady handed me a palm cross as I left the hospital. That was nice. She was making a bunch of them.

I am training to run the 5K for this coming June to raise money for Hearts and Stroke week with my group in intensive care unit. My team is trying to raise funds to save a heart (and or a brain). If you want to help, here is a link. I am using the free app C25K. It might be too late for me to start being 46. But I finished training for two weeks out of eight and I haven't suffered a heart attack yet. So I may be good.

I am also using the music app Rock My Run. I love it. I am listening to the sound of the 90's right now. It really inspires me to move. I paid for this app with a Groupon coupon. Another money well spent.

Join us.


  1. Happy end of April, Carin! Another list of gifts, great finds, things done, and company enjoyed! I really like that a
    patient's family gave the nursing staff a fruit bouquet as a thank you. Nurses work so hard, and those fruit pops are delicious, especially the ones dipped in chocolate! :-) The palm cross you were given was really thoughtful too. Little things like that make us smile because someone made an effort!

    Your bracelets are perfect reminders of what kind of person you want to be. I think we all could do well to wear one that says "Be the Example". People pay far more attention to what we do than what we say, especially our children!

    The Hurricane scrubber looks great, I could use something like that for cleaning bathrooms! It would be nice if it just did the whole job without your help though, but you definitely got a good price with that coupon! :-)

    It was so nice of your daughter to pay for your burrito lunches, moms love to be treated sometimes too! They certainly increase the price for lunch burritos, that's true here as well, but if they are good it is so worth it!

    I am impressed with you planning to participate in the 5K run with your group, for a very good cause. I know you can do it, and your heart will probably thank you for all that excellent exercise! You are good at finding apps to help train with, anything that works for motivation is a good find, and having them on our phones makes it so easy! How did we ever live without our cell phones before?

    Once again I loved the photo collage you added to show us all your thankfuls, it makes your post so bright and interesting! I appreciate the time you take to join us for TToT each week, and I hope that the new month brings many good things to you and your family!

    1. Thanks for visiting. I look forward to your comments.

  2. Tools that don't do the work for you - what a scam! And I'm really trying to figure out how changing burrito from breakfast to lunch jumps the price that much. Hmm... But still a great list and nice that you and your daughter got to enjoy time out together!

    1. Yeah, double the price yes but 5x is outrageous.

  3. What a nice gesture. I've always wanted to try one of those fruit bouquets.

    Sometimes, when plans are canceled, something just as good or better can come of it, like lunch with a family member.

    Good luck with your race for a noble cause.

  4. Hi Carin. Congrats on your running goals and the other good things in your week. Teenagers can be frustrating. I remember being ready to tear my hair out, but all the other parents would compliment me on how mannerly and polite my son was. (Away from home) It's a part of growing up, I guess. Love your photo collages.

  5. Good for you in getting ready for a 5K. That is something I have never done, and I suspect might be a miracle for me now.
    I've never ordered a breakfast burrito, although it certainly sounds delicious. Thanks for pointing out exactly how the breakfast burrito and a regular burrito differ.
    The fruit bouquet looks beautiful and I'm sure was a very delicious and welcome gift.


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