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Popular Posts

A Welcoming Happy June

Hey, hey, hey. It is still June and I am posting my second list of gratitude post of the month. I do better this month already than the previous, I think.
I cannot fail to mention Father's Day. I special mention, Paul, who's been a great father: a tennis dad to a varsity teen who won doubles for the state of Colorado, a basketball dad to his son playing varsity this summer for his school, a math tutor, a life skills coach, and the sole financial provider to two lucky kids. Look at him enjoying his Margarita on his night. I thought he would order something hard but with just a lady's drink he had a smile from ear to ear.
I thank the thoughtful people who brought cupcakes and cookies in the nurse's lounge one day. I don't even know who brought them. Sometimes, I'd see a card or a sign who the treats are from. But on days we are so busy on the floor to take a coffee break, my hungry tummy, sure, is glad to find quick snacks I can stuff in my sugar hungry mouth, a…

Growing Teens This Spring

A month has passed, and I have not posted anything! Did you miss me? LOL. I am alive and doing great.

Here are my gratitude list and the reasons why I am occupied.

My first born just graduated from high school. Two years ago, I did not even imagine this is possible as he was skipping days and sometimes months of school. He turned around and took extra credits to graduate on time on top of working full time as a new young manager at a pizza chain.He requested to eat at Red Lobster. Where we are, I was not too impressed with their lobster and shrimp, but this night, it was awesome. The seafood including mussels was fresh, we had a blast for his graduation dinner. He even apologized that the meals were expensive. I was like, where did this teen come from? It was his graduation night.My house got hit hard by golfball-sized hail last month. It is not to be thankful for. My siding and roof are damaged, but I just got my first check from my insurance yesterday to pay my contractor for replac…

April Thankfuls

My love for my family is so great,
My heart melts for them as we ate
I worry when my teens are away
Wondering if they've gone astray

Togetherness for me feels so great,
I do hope my children see
Although eating is what seems all we do
I wait for these moments, I sure do
*** We had a good Easter. We went to church. Even my son went, my 18-year old. Then we had a potluck with my Filipino-American group. My teens helped hide or scatter the Easter eggs for the little ones. They were so fun to watch.
*** My daughter made some Easter fruit bouquet. They are as delicious and refreshing as they look. She also made cookies for our neighbors who are relocating, nicely foil wrapped disguised as fish. She baked and paid for the cookies. How sweet she is.
*** At work, I found time to pray and meditate a bit when I left the unit early (as we were overstaffed). I volunteered to leave because it was "4/20" in Denver. That is when marijuana fanatics have big parties in downtown. I went to spend …